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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy while using our website. As a result, we are flexible in how we collect, use, distribute, and store your information. Please keep in mind that we make every effort to collect as little information as possible because it is required to process your order or provide you with a great experience while using our website. As a result, the purpose of this policy is to inform you clearly about the methods, usage, and processing of information we collect from you.

How do I become subject to this Privacy Policy?

This policy applies when you use our website, mobile app, or any other product available through our website. In this policy, terms like “services” refer to our website, mobile applications, or any other products available through our website. Please keep in mind that we are still committed to protecting your privacy while you use our website or use our services. As a result, in addition to explaining how we collect, use, share, and store your information, we also explain your rights in relation to the data you send to us.

How We May Receive Your Information

As we strive to meet contractual or legal obligations, we may obtain your information in a variety of ways, including directly from you or our partners, subsidiaries, websites, affiliates, or associates. We may also obtain it through contracts or legal agreements you have with us, affiliates, sites, subsidiaries, or associates. Also, keep in mind that we may obtain your permission directly from you, or we may obtain your information from third parties to whom you may have granted permission to distribute your information. Finally, we collect the following information from you:

  • When you come to our website,
  • When you contact us through the email address
  • Every time you place an order with us
  • When you leave a comment or review on our website or in our communities and forums, we appreciate it.
  • When you reach out to us by phone
  • When you visit other sites owned by us or use any services provided by our affiliates, sites, subsidiaries, or partners.

Exactly what information do we collect from you?

We will collect your information if you visit our site, use any of our services, or participate in our communities. Please keep in mind that the information we may collect may include technical information and your IP address for your phone, browser, laptop, or similar device. We will also need your phone number and location information. We may also collect your email address, name, city/zip code, or state address. Finally, we may request information about how you interact with our website.

Our reasons for collecting your information

We may request country or location information for a variety of reasons. First, we ask for it to verify users, then for it to prevent fraudulent use of users’ accounts, and finally for tax purposes.

  • Email Address: We request an email address so that we can contact users as soon as possible. We may also use your email address to send you promotional or marketing materials, or both.
  • Your name is: We collect this information in order to verify users. We also request this information to assist us in preparing invoices for users. Finally, we request this information to prevent fraudulent activity on users’ accounts and for tax purposes.
  • Phone Number: The purpose of requesting a phone number is to verify users. We also request a phone number so that we can contact you as soon as possible. Furthermore, the phone number assists our customer service team in providing prompt service to our clients.
  • State/City/ZIP Code: This information is required for billing purposes.

Please keep in mind that we require all of the information listed above in order to better serve our clients.

Data Storage

It is critical to note that we will process and store your data in the United States for our clients, and by using our services, you are understood to have granted us permission to process and store your data in US-based servers. Please keep in mind that we are committed to keeping your data safe, secure, and only accessible to you and not third parties. Also, please keep in mind that we do not keep your information for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

It is important to note that we keep your data for as long as the law allows or as long as we have legitimate reasons to keep it. The best part is that you have the right to request that we delete all of your data from our records and systems. However, please keep in mind that we may not have control over data while it is in storage. Also, keep in mind that we may not have much control over data transmission. However, we will always ensure that your data is encrypted while being stored or transmitted.

Data Sharing

Please keep in mind that we may share your information with third parties if you have given us permission or if it is required by law. Please take note of the following parties with whom we may share your information:

  • We may share with our employees for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • We may also share information with our subsidiaries, sites, and associates Subcontractors for the performance of the contract entered into with you or them.
  • We may share with third-party vendors who provide us with various services.
  • Finally, where you have given us permission, we may share with third parties.

Please keep in mind that we make every effort to protect and respect your personal information at all times.

Your Rights

  • The rights you have are listed below.
  • The right to information
  • The right to access your data¬†
  • The right to have your data accurately recorded
  • The right to limit data processing
  • The right to obtain and reuse personal data across services.
  • The ability to revoke consent
  • The ability to file a complaint about any issue
  • The right to object to how your data is used, processed, stored, and shared.

Limitations on age

Please keep in mind that we do not collect or provide services to anyone under the age of 16.

Website links

It’s important to note that some of the content we publish on our website may include links to or from other websites. We will not be held responsible for what happens if you choose to click and submit your information to such sites. Such websites have their own privacy policies, which may differ from ours.

Keeping our privacy policies up-to-date

Please be aware that our policy may change from time to time, and we encourage you to review this privacy statement on a regular basis.