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Refund Policy

CIPD Assignment Help is held accountable for delivering the service on time and in accordance with our clients’ requirements in the order. When our services fail to meet your expectations, you have the option to request a refund under our refund policy. And, because we provide legitimate academic services, we want to ensure your satisfaction, so our customer satisfaction is relatively higher. As a result, more than 95 percent of our clients return with additional orders.

Things can go wrong for a variety of reasons, and in this case, you can use our refund policy. Please keep in mind that all refund requests will be handled promptly and in accordance with the terms and circumstances. Continue reading our post to learn about some of the circumstances that may warrant a full refund.

When We Process Refunds

We understand how sensitive the issue of a refund is, and as a result, we have allotted sufficient time to address every aspect of the policy outlined below. We hope to clear up any confusion by explaining what each sentence means.

You have the right to request a refund for a variety of reasons. We will go over the situation as thoroughly as possible so that you understand when to make such a request. Please keep the following situations in mind.

When you Change Your Mind for Any Reason

We acknowledge that you have the right to cancel your order at any time and that you are not required to explain your decision, though you may do so if you wish. Please keep in mind that you must cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it and that you cannot cancel your order if a writer is already working on it.

This is due to the fact that we must pay our writers as long as we have assigned them an order. So, if you want us to refund your money, we recommend that you make your request as soon as possible. Please double-check your instructions before sending them to us.

When We have Charged Your Account Twice or More Times

You may occasionally make a mistake when placing your order. We have seen this happen, though it is uncommon. Please notify us immediately if you discover you have paid twice for a single order. We are happy to reverse the extra transaction so you can use your funds as you see fit.

Please keep in mind that we need five business days to process your request.

When Your Sample Suck Even After 3 Revisions

We carefully select our writers and are confident in their abilities. Though we cannot guarantee their perfection, we ask that our clients contact us if they believe their sample did not meet their specifications. We will revise it for free until it shines. As previously stated, you will not be charged for these services. Please keep in mind that you are entitled to as many edits as you require to improve your dissertation.

Though it is rare, you may not be satisfied even after several revisions; if this occurs, we will not hesitate to process your refund within five business days.

Please keep in mind that we only process refunds after editing your sample at least three times, and that the first edit, which usually occurs on the first draft, does not count.

When You have Submitted Two Similar Orders

That may appear to be impossible, but it does occur. Assume you’re working on a dissertation while also writing a journal article. You might submit the same order twice, thinking you’ve made two separate submissions. If this is the case, please contact us right away and request a refund.

If you wait too long, we will process and assign the orders to our writers, and once assigned, you will not be able to get a refund. However, if we have not assigned your orders, you will be able to replace one of the two similar orders with the proper instructions or cancel the orders if you so desire.

When We Fail to Submit Your Order by the Deadline

This happens infrequently, but if it does, you will be refunded in full. However, if we did not deliver your sample by the original deadline because you added new instructions, you are not eligible for a refund. Furthermore, you will not be refunded if you fail to provide your writer with any materials they may have requested.

Please provide the requested materials as soon as possible after receiving the message from your writer. Also, if we asked you to give us more time to complete your order and you agreed, we will not accept your refund request.

Our Quality Assurance Department Thoroughly Examines Every Refund Request

When you submit a refund request, our QAD team carefully examines your request and determines whether or not your claim is genuine. Please keep in mind that this department operates independently.

Please be assured that we have no influence over how our QAD personnel make their final decision. You can be certain that they have never favored us!

Finally, keep in mind that our editors will evaluate your sample based on your instructions, and if they determine that it does not conform to your instructions and that additional editing did not improve it, you will receive a refund.

Please keep in mind that our policy eliminates your concerns and guarantees a high-quality sample. Furthermore, this policy protects you from mediocrity and other similar risks. Finally, please keep in mind that if your claim is valid, we will process your refund within five business days.